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Hi Pretties,
I have just moved to my new room at new boarding house. Yesterday, I picked up all of my goods there and decorated everything at night. In that room, there is my boyfriend’s computer desk (This room is used to be my BF’s and he left the desk for me). I don’t usually use laptop on a desk just because I prefer using it on the floor (my laptop gets hot easily). Therefore, I decided to use the desk as my simple vanity.

Now, you are welcomed to see..

So, this is the decorated desk! :p

I place the desk next to my shoe rack that displays my shoes and some of my purses.

This is a very simple vanity. It’s not that pretty but it’s organized well. On the wall, I just hang a mirror I got from a store that sells everything for IDR 7.000! Hahaha, crazy cheap!

On my desk, I have 3 colorful little drawers that I purchased from Asemka. There are also some other stuffs. Let’s see for details! ^^

This little bucket I purchased also for IDR 7.000. It stores my brushes and combs.

On top of the green drawer, I have some perfumes from Silkygirl. Some I got from a goodie bag given to me and the two cute Sweet Temptation perfumes in the front I purchased when they were on sale. Both of them smell cute >.<

Next to it, there is also a bottle of  perfume from Silkygirl on top of the blue drawer. There are also some loose powders and my daily two way cake powder.

On top of the yellow drawer, I put some bottles of nail polish and a bottle of nail polish remover. I only have them and they are all Oriflame. I only wear them within my period time. Oh, there is also a cute compact mirror I got for only IDR 3.000! Hahaha...

Nah, it’s time to see what’s inside the drawers. Let’s begin with the green one!

In the top drawer, I store foundations and BB cream. My favorite is that Wardah foundation and also Silkygirl BB cream. Both of them are inexpensive but good enough for daily use ^^.

Inside the middle drawer, I put all of my eyeshadows. I rarely wear those but love to collect all colors.

Then inside the bottom drawer, I have more powder, foundation, eye primer and concealer.

Now let’s move to the blue drawer!

In the top part, I store my eyeliners, mascara and eye-brow pencils. It is everything about eyes that I always wear. The eyeliners are colorful and I love wearing those. It is my most favorite section so far ^^.

Then in the middle drawer, I have lippies. Those are lipsticks, lipbalm, lipglosses and a lipliner. I only wear the pink and nude lipcolor. From the entire product, I only wear two of them. The rest are just sit there and be worn whenever I’m in the mood.

In the bottom part, I put blushes, a refill of two way cake and a sharpener. I only have three blushes since I rarely wear blush on.

Alright, now we move to the last drawer, the yellow one!

In the top drawer, I have some samples from attending beauty classes. They are mini and cute to collect.

In the middle part, I store other samples and facial masks. My favorite mask is the Naturgo mud mask to get rid the comedos around my nose.

In the last part of the drawer, I store some falsies, eyelash glue, and back up sponges. I don’t know why I cannot wear those falsies. I’m not talented :p

Ok, from the drawers, we’ll see a shoe box in the corner of this desk. It stores hair products such as hair spray, foam and conditioner. It also stores some skincare such as lotion, baby oil, sunscreen etc. I also put my cute manicure set there ^^.

In front of that box, I have a little basket I got from the Bless Cosmetics hamper. It stores all of skincare products I currently enjoy using. There are cleanser, toner, body lotion, moisturizer, night cream and hair leave-on conditioner.

On the top of the desk, I also put my makeup bag which stores my makeup that I bring everywhere and a pack of baby wipes.

Alright, that’s my simple vanity. I love it eventhough it’s not really spectacular. It’s still under construction. Hahaha.. 

I hope you enjoy reading mine. If you also post your vanity on your blog, kindly send me the link of it on the comment bar below. I’d love to see yours. ^^

Xoxo :*

ps: Sorry for the blurry pictures. I only use cellphone camera.

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