Welcome to My Simple Vanity

Hi Pretties,
I have just moved to my new room at new boarding house. Yesterday, I picked up all of my goods there and decorated everything at night. In that room, there is my boyfriend’s computer desk (This room is used to be my BF’s and he left the desk for me). I don’t usually use laptop on a desk just because I prefer using it on the floor (my laptop gets hot easily). Therefore, I decided to use the desk as my simple vanity.

Now, you are welcomed to see..

So, this is the decorated desk! :p

I place the desk next to my shoe rack that displays my shoes and some of my purses.

This is a very simple vanity. It’s not that pretty but it’s organized well. On the wall, I just hang a mirror I got from a store that sells everything for IDR 7.000! Hahaha, crazy cheap!

On my desk, I have 3 colorful little drawers that I purchased from Asemka. There are also some other stuffs. Let’s see for details! ^^

This little bucket I purchased also for IDR 7.000. It stores my brushes and combs.

On top of the green drawer, I have some perfumes from Silkygirl. Some I got from a goodie bag given to me and the two cute Sweet Temptation perfumes in the front I purchased when they were on sale. Both of them smell cute >.<

Next to it, there is also a bottle of  perfume from Silkygirl on top of the blue drawer. There are also some loose powders and my daily two way cake powder.

On top of the yellow drawer, I put some bottles of nail polish and a bottle of nail polish remover. I only have them and they are all Oriflame. I only wear them within my period time. Oh, there is also a cute compact mirror I got for only IDR 3.000! Hahaha...

Nah, it’s time to see what’s inside the drawers. Let’s begin with the green one!

In the top drawer, I store foundations and BB cream. My favorite is that Wardah foundation and also Silkygirl BB cream. Both of them are inexpensive but good enough for daily use ^^.

Inside the middle drawer, I put all of my eyeshadows. I rarely wear those but love to collect all colors.

Then inside the bottom drawer, I have more powder, foundation, eye primer and concealer.

Now let’s move to the blue drawer!

In the top part, I store my eyeliners, mascara and eye-brow pencils. It is everything about eyes that I always wear. The eyeliners are colorful and I love wearing those. It is my most favorite section so far ^^.

Then in the middle drawer, I have lippies. Those are lipsticks, lipbalm, lipglosses and a lipliner. I only wear the pink and nude lipcolor. From the entire product, I only wear two of them. The rest are just sit there and be worn whenever I’m in the mood.

In the bottom part, I put blushes, a refill of two way cake and a sharpener. I only have three blushes since I rarely wear blush on.

Alright, now we move to the last drawer, the yellow one!

In the top drawer, I have some samples from attending beauty classes. They are mini and cute to collect.

In the middle part, I store other samples and facial masks. My favorite mask is the Naturgo mud mask to get rid the comedos around my nose.

In the last part of the drawer, I store some falsies, eyelash glue, and back up sponges. I don’t know why I cannot wear those falsies. I’m not talented :p

Ok, from the drawers, we’ll see a shoe box in the corner of this desk. It stores hair products such as hair spray, foam and conditioner. It also stores some skincare such as lotion, baby oil, sunscreen etc. I also put my cute manicure set there ^^.

In front of that box, I have a little basket I got from the Bless Cosmetics hamper. It stores all of skincare products I currently enjoy using. There are cleanser, toner, body lotion, moisturizer, night cream and hair leave-on conditioner.

On the top of the desk, I also put my makeup bag which stores my makeup that I bring everywhere and a pack of baby wipes.

Alright, that’s my simple vanity. I love it eventhough it’s not really spectacular. It’s still under construction. Hahaha.. 

I hope you enjoy reading mine. If you also post your vanity on your blog, kindly send me the link of it on the comment bar below. I’d love to see yours. ^^

Xoxo :*

ps: Sorry for the blurry pictures. I only use cellphone camera.


How to : Beauty Blogging

Hi pretties,

As a selective buyer, I’m accustomed to thinking before buying, especially when it comes to purchasing beauty products. Certain products may work well for certain people, however it may also be failed for others.  I believe nobody wants to regret of buying things, including me. Thus, I always read some reviews about a product before deciding to purchase it. Considering that a beauty product review is important (and interesting), I finally decided to share reviews of product I’ve ever used through a beauty blog (which you are reading now! :D)

A beauty blog should be a source of information about beauty thingy. It can include reviews of makeup, skincare, hair products up to reports of beauty events or updated makeup look. It should be as pretty as the author herself! However, not all beauty bloggers realize that a pretty blog will attract more pretty readers to visit the blogs. Hereby, I want to share some golden rules on how to create an interesting and informative beauty blog (as what I’ve been observed through other expert beauty bloggers! ^^ )

So, this it it!

Rule #1 : Say No to Ordinary Design
After creating a blog account, decorate your blog as extraordinary as you can. Remember, a blog should look attractive! There are many features of designing blog. I recommend that you customize it by yourself. It may take longer time to maintain but trust me, it will create your own blog identity. Who doesn’t want to read a compliment about your cute blog?  ^^

Rule #2: Honesty is the Key!
When you’re writing a product review, make sure that it’s based on your OWN opinion. People don’t want to read a bullsh*t since they are looking for the answer of a classic question : “Is this product good or bad?” Therefore, be honest with yourself and your readers whether the product can satisfy you. In contrary, if you find the product is not worthy to buy, just write like what it is without mocking the product. A wise blogger usually doesn’t easily judge the product but she will see it from different perspectives, such as “This product does not work well on my oily skin, however this may be successful for those whose skin is dry”. Honest without being cruel is good, right? :D

Rule #3: Be Critical yet Informative
I myself don’t really like reading a very short review (unless it has been informed that the author will just do a quick review). A review, to me, should be critical and informative, not just telling that the product is good or bad. Therefore, asides your experience of using the products, you can enrich the review with some additional information, such as : price, where to buy, ingredient, the positive and negative sides of it etc. Make a super complete review but still mention your last comment whether the product is recommended. Write the review in a brief and understandable language.

Rule #4: Provide Good Pictures
Pictures can enhance the effectiveness of your reviews. It will be helpful for readers to find and to recognize the product. Capture pictures of your reviewed product with a good quality. It doesn’t mean that you should always use high-tech camera. I mean those with good lighting, clear and not really heavy. I found difficulties in reading blogs that display heavy pictures. Your readers can be anybody, including those whose internet connection is slow (Like me! :p) So, be friendly to your readers, please ^^.  After capturing the pictures, you can edit to make it cuter. Don’t forget to give watermark of your blog’s name or address. If you take the pictures from others, you should also mention the reference. It helps to avoid plagiarism :D

Rule #5: Proof-reading, Please!
I don’t know about others but I feel that it is annoying when reading a blog post with so many grammar mistakes or typos. It seems that the author is effortless in writing. Ok, eventhough writing a blog post is free but you should appear professional. Serve your best writing to the readers, especially if you are intended to share the review to the related cosmetic company. Do a proof reading before publishing your entry. Proof reading is you check your writing and ensure yourselves that there is no mistake or typo. Don’t be lazy to do multiple revisions. Practice proof-reading from now to make your blog prefect :D

Well, those all the golden rules (my version) about beauty blogging I can share to you. Kindly also share to me your own golden rules in blogging about beauty products. I’ll be happy to know yours ^^

July Mini Haul

Hi pretties! 
Sorry for missing a while. I’ve been really busy with my graduation preparation. I’ve just attended judicium and prepared all related documents. It’s so delightful! I finally graduated after 4 year-education at campus. My name has a tail now : Bachelor of Education ^^. Thank God also I got magna cum laude for my cumulative GPA achievement ^^.

Just shared a bit about my happiness and now I would like to share about my mini beauty haul. I’m thinking that I won’t purchase any makeup for now just because I’m still learning to apply makeup. From my makeup collection, I tend to use the same product again and again. The others are just kept in storage. Hiks hiks..poor makeup T.T

Therefore, this July, I wanted to be more selective in buying beauty products : The ones that I really really need. The money can be saved for other priorities, though :D

Alright, this is my mini haul!

What are they?

1.      Clean & Clear Essential Foaming Facial Wash 50ml
It says that it’s good for oily skin. Yippie! :D
Purchased from Giant Supermarket for only IDR 7.000 !!!

2.      Cussons Baby Wipes with Cucumber Extract
For express makeup cleansing. I love the smell, so refreshing!
Purchased from Giant Supermarket for IDR 9.500.

3.      Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh 200ml
My current favorite hand and body lotion! It smells refreshing. However, it doesn’t have SPF L.
Purchased from Giant Supermarket for IDR 11.500.

4.      Sunsilk Frizz and Weather Defense Hair Protector 40ml
It is actually a hair leave-on conditioner. It’s a new product I want to try because I realized that my hair gets frizzy really easily.  I’ll review it soon.
Purchased from Giant Supermarket for IDR 7.000.

5.      Bless Acne Cleansing Toner 60ml
Many reviews say this toner is quite impressive for healing acnes. That’s why I should give it a try since some acnes appear on my skin lately L. I’ll review it soon also!
Purchased from Guardian Drugstore for IDR 29.000.

6.      Wardah Luminous Liquid Foundation 40ml in Light Beige
This is my favorite daily foundation! I’ve been using this since 2 years ago and kept repurchasing this lovely foundie. It has good oil control and light for daily use. I think I should write an review about it :D
Purchased from Matahari Department Store for IDR 32.000.

7.      Mustika Ratu Masker Bengkoang 60g
So in love with MR masks and it is definitely my most favorite! It works for lightening skin, especially when  I’m burnt

Purchased from Giant Supermarket for only IDR 7.000!!!

That’s my entire mini haul. Would you also share your July haul?


Hello! I Apply for IBB! :D

Hi everyone!
A warm greeting is delivered to all of you who visit and read this entry. Creating no blogpost since 2012 probably has made you think that I’m totally gone. Well, surely to tell you, it’s a big no! I just preferred to focus on my academic life. Now, I am finally a fresh graduate! Yay! I can start writing reviews, awakening this blog again :D.

Now, kindly look at the title of this blogpost. Nahaha..you may guess what it is about, but I would rather tell you :p. Through this writing, I am expressing my interest to join Indonesian Beauty Blogger (IBB) staff. Therefore, you may find that this entry tends to look like a cover letter rather than a beauty sharing (Please don’t mind my spirit of writing cover letters, a typical fresh graduate’s new hobby :p). Alright, this is the vacancy :D :D :D

I bet you guys may be familiar with IBB. As what I have been observed through joining IBB, I conclude that IBB is a non-profit sharing network community for all beauty bloggers in Indonesia. It was initiated by the famous Indonesian beauty bloggers, such as kak Stella Lee, kak Carnellin, kak Mada Foe and other beautiful sisters. Those are passionate yet dedicated to beauty and makeup. In my humble opinion, IBB has been founded upon the same spirit, which is the spirit of sharing. It sounds the spirit of sharing to educate women about beauty. Well, trust me that you don’t need to be a famous beauty gurus in order to successfully take part in providing learning source for women about beauty thingy. Whatever your background is, as long as you are willing to share and to learn, you can be an excellent beauty blogger. You can contribute knowledge about being beauty by becoming a beauty blogger. IBB, in this case, facilitates your network as a beauty blogger. It enhances your performance and improves your knowledge as well as offering you an environment of sharing and learning from other beautiful bloggers through the forum designed. Many program and beauty events such as gathering, talkshow or beauty class are held to create fun and interesting activities that can develop the interest and  experience of IBB’s members. I personally have attended some events and those were funstastic! Friends, skills, knowledge, value of sharing and freebies had approached me :D.

Above all explanation I’ve written above, I am interested in joining to be IBB staff. I have been passionate in beauty thingy. I love reading and writing makeup reviews. However, my main interest is on the chance of networking that IBB offers. I personally believe in the power of networking and negotiation. I consider networking important for my self-development. Through building networks, I gain information and inspiration as well as improving my learning experiences and skills. That’s why I enjoy taking part in organizations or other voluntary activities. It drives me to be passionate for learning. I hope those kinds of impressions and feeling can be also achieved through dedicating myself for the continuous improvement of IBB.

I am wishing to be hired as a part of IBB staff. Can’t wait to contribute more to this amazing beauty blogger community. Wish me luck, girlies! 

If you are interested to be a part of IBB, please visit:
Twitter              : @BeautyBloggerID