Hamper from Bless Cosmetics ^^

It's been a long long long time ago I hadn't post any new entry
But now I'm back with the newest post in 2012. Hohoho....
Alright, I'd like to share the hamper Bless cosmetics sent to me
Bless is so kind that it appreciated my review and gave me free Bless products, mostly my favorite oil control series
I'm so happy^^
Now, let's take a peek...

Here is the Hamper !!!
I hadn't opened the plastic wrap yet

Purple! So sweet ...^^
and this is after I opened the wrap. Hahaha

Can't you see? So many I got XD

Bless cosmetics is so generous ^^
What I got?

Bless Oil Control Light Cleanser

Bless Oil Control Light Freshener

Bless Oil Control Light Moisturizer

I've reviewed it here

Bless Sunscreen Lotion SPF 19 for All Type of Skin

Two Bless Soft Eyeshadows

In Fancy Purple

and Party Gold

Bless Care Lipstick

in Mocha Delight 02A

A box. What's inside?

Inside the box, there are tiny samples

Bless Cleansing Foam for dry or normal skin
Bless Scrub Cleanser
Bless Sunscreen Lotion SPF 19
All are in 10 gr. Tiny and cute >.<

Thank you Bless Cosmetics for the gift. I really appreciate it ^^
You guys can check the Facebook fanpage of Bless Cosmetics here
I've just received this hamper this morning from campus so I'm sorry I can't review each now
But I'll try to give the reviews as soon as possible
So if you are curious about Bless products I got, stay tune yooo...\(^o^)/

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  1. Balasan
    1. heheu..
      thank you Chelle..
      you too ^^

  2. nto eyeshadow bagi 1 lah tante.... hahahahaha

    1. blom saya review tante..
      mank kau pake? ntr mubazir lagi kagak dipake
      wkwkkwkwkwk *alasana

  3. uni *eh gitu kan manggilnya??
    review eyeshadownya dong. kayaknya mau beli juga nih, soalnya yang item katanya dupe MAC carbon :P

  4. iya..
    manggilnya unie ^^
    aq ga punya yg item..hanya yg ini aja..
    iya, belum ada waktu ngereview karena sibuk kuliah..
    tapi diusahakan secepatnya..
    overall bagus eyeshadownya pigmented banget walau enggak pake primer dan awet XD
    aq baru pake yang ungu, yang gold belum dipake ^^

  5. Unie, aku nge-Tag kamu disini: http://racuncelle.blogspot.com/2012/04/11-random-things-about-me.html

    Ikutan main yuk :)

  6. hii.. aq udh post kok "11 random things about me" sebelumnya di http://uniekitty.blogspot.com/2012/02/tag-post-11-random-things-about-me

    trims udah brkunjung ^^

  7. wahh kemasan ungu yang lucu,btw aku baru tau ada produk ini hihihi ^_^

    main" ke blog ku yah kalo sempet ^_^


  8. lucky girl! looks very nice product ^^

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