Hello! I Apply for IBB! :D

Hi everyone!
A warm greeting is delivered to all of you who visit and read this entry. Creating no blogpost since 2012 probably has made you think that I’m totally gone. Well, surely to tell you, it’s a big no! I just preferred to focus on my academic life. Now, I am finally a fresh graduate! Yay! I can start writing reviews, awakening this blog again :D.

Now, kindly look at the title of this blogpost. Nahaha..you may guess what it is about, but I would rather tell you :p. Through this writing, I am expressing my interest to join Indonesian Beauty Blogger (IBB) staff. Therefore, you may find that this entry tends to look like a cover letter rather than a beauty sharing (Please don’t mind my spirit of writing cover letters, a typical fresh graduate’s new hobby :p). Alright, this is the vacancy :D :D :D

I bet you guys may be familiar with IBB. As what I have been observed through joining IBB, I conclude that IBB is a non-profit sharing network community for all beauty bloggers in Indonesia. It was initiated by the famous Indonesian beauty bloggers, such as kak Stella Lee, kak Carnellin, kak Mada Foe and other beautiful sisters. Those are passionate yet dedicated to beauty and makeup. In my humble opinion, IBB has been founded upon the same spirit, which is the spirit of sharing. It sounds the spirit of sharing to educate women about beauty. Well, trust me that you don’t need to be a famous beauty gurus in order to successfully take part in providing learning source for women about beauty thingy. Whatever your background is, as long as you are willing to share and to learn, you can be an excellent beauty blogger. You can contribute knowledge about being beauty by becoming a beauty blogger. IBB, in this case, facilitates your network as a beauty blogger. It enhances your performance and improves your knowledge as well as offering you an environment of sharing and learning from other beautiful bloggers through the forum designed. Many program and beauty events such as gathering, talkshow or beauty class are held to create fun and interesting activities that can develop the interest and  experience of IBB’s members. I personally have attended some events and those were funstastic! Friends, skills, knowledge, value of sharing and freebies had approached me :D.

Above all explanation I’ve written above, I am interested in joining to be IBB staff. I have been passionate in beauty thingy. I love reading and writing makeup reviews. However, my main interest is on the chance of networking that IBB offers. I personally believe in the power of networking and negotiation. I consider networking important for my self-development. Through building networks, I gain information and inspiration as well as improving my learning experiences and skills. That’s why I enjoy taking part in organizations or other voluntary activities. It drives me to be passionate for learning. I hope those kinds of impressions and feeling can be also achieved through dedicating myself for the continuous improvement of IBB.

I am wishing to be hired as a part of IBB staff. Can’t wait to contribute more to this amazing beauty blogger community. Wish me luck, girlies! 

If you are interested to be a part of IBB, please visit:
Twitter              : @BeautyBloggerID

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