July Mini Haul

Hi pretties! 
Sorry for missing a while. I’ve been really busy with my graduation preparation. I’ve just attended judicium and prepared all related documents. It’s so delightful! I finally graduated after 4 year-education at campus. My name has a tail now : Bachelor of Education ^^. Thank God also I got magna cum laude for my cumulative GPA achievement ^^.

Just shared a bit about my happiness and now I would like to share about my mini beauty haul. I’m thinking that I won’t purchase any makeup for now just because I’m still learning to apply makeup. From my makeup collection, I tend to use the same product again and again. The others are just kept in storage. Hiks hiks..poor makeup T.T

Therefore, this July, I wanted to be more selective in buying beauty products : The ones that I really really need. The money can be saved for other priorities, though :D

Alright, this is my mini haul!

What are they?

1.      Clean & Clear Essential Foaming Facial Wash 50ml
It says that it’s good for oily skin. Yippie! :D
Purchased from Giant Supermarket for only IDR 7.000 !!!

2.      Cussons Baby Wipes with Cucumber Extract
For express makeup cleansing. I love the smell, so refreshing!
Purchased from Giant Supermarket for IDR 9.500.

3.      Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh 200ml
My current favorite hand and body lotion! It smells refreshing. However, it doesn’t have SPF L.
Purchased from Giant Supermarket for IDR 11.500.

4.      Sunsilk Frizz and Weather Defense Hair Protector 40ml
It is actually a hair leave-on conditioner. It’s a new product I want to try because I realized that my hair gets frizzy really easily.  I’ll review it soon.
Purchased from Giant Supermarket for IDR 7.000.

5.      Bless Acne Cleansing Toner 60ml
Many reviews say this toner is quite impressive for healing acnes. That’s why I should give it a try since some acnes appear on my skin lately L. I’ll review it soon also!
Purchased from Guardian Drugstore for IDR 29.000.

6.      Wardah Luminous Liquid Foundation 40ml in Light Beige
This is my favorite daily foundation! I’ve been using this since 2 years ago and kept repurchasing this lovely foundie. It has good oil control and light for daily use. I think I should write an review about it :D
Purchased from Matahari Department Store for IDR 32.000.

7.      Mustika Ratu Masker Bengkoang 60g
So in love with MR masks and it is definitely my most favorite! It works for lightening skin, especially when  I’m burnt

Purchased from Giant Supermarket for only IDR 7.000!!!

That’s my entire mini haul. Would you also share your July haul?

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