All Those Cheap Brushes ^^ (Part 1)

Several days ago, someone commented my post here and requested me to review about brushes I have.
She is interested because my brushes are cheap and look pretty good for her.
So, for you named Naomi, here's my review about all those cheap brushes ^^.

So, these are brushes I have so far...

Still needs improvement actually =.="

Well, my brushes all are cheap synthetic brushes. To be honest, I don't have budget for buying expensive brushes because I'm still a college student even a scholar. You know that most scholars don't even have enough budget for education so we apply for scholarship. I don't have much money moreover to have this kind of things T.T. So, picking some cheap brushes is the only sollution for now, but I am quite pleasant that the qualities are considered good for me. It's enough for now and I'll repurchase the better and more expensive ones later after I can earn money from working ^^.

For know, I would like to review some face brushes I have...

Fenling Stipple Brush

This brush I purchased from a cosmetic store in Blok M. It costs Rp20.000,-. I bought it because I want to try applying foundation using stipple brush. According to a makeup tutorial video I watched, using stipple brush makes smooth and flawless result of foundation. I have tried using this once, really flawless ^^ but it took more time and effort to do because I had to stipple the foundation to whole of face =.=". 
The bristles are soft and don't easily fall off. They also don't scrath my skin. The good thing about this brush is, when I washed it using liquid soap (I don't have brush cleanser yet) and it didn't damage or swell the bristles. They are still nice and soft^^. 

No Brand Fan Brush

I bought this brush as the complement for my brush collection. Actually I don't really need this brush. This brush I purchased from a store in Pasar Baru for Rp15.000,-. The bristles are so soft XD. It sweeps the  excess of eyeshadow on cheek well. I haven't wash this brush since I rarely use it.

Malijiaer Powder/Blush Brush

If you like to visit Stroberi Accessories, you may find this brush. It costs Rp17.000,- there. I often hear that Maljiaer is a quite good cheap brush brand from China. Yes, it is! I use this for applying loose powder but IMO, this brush is too flat so I need brush with round shaped bristles like kabuki brush for loose powder. It is more suitable as blush applicator so I change the function ^^. The bristles are so soft and don't easily fall off. I have washed it for several times and the bristles are still so soft and not swelled. I'm thinking to restock this brush XD.

Jen Hongni Brush with Cap

This brush is my most favorite of all! The bristles are so soft and it's good for applying loose powder. It makes the powder spead easily onto entire part of face. It is also equipped by cap for the hygiene. I use this mostly and I have washed it for several times. It's still as good as the first time bought ^^. I got it from a cosmetic store in ITC Kuningan for Rp40.000,-. I have also seen this brush is sold at Stroberi Mall Taman Anggrek for Rp50.000,-. So, if you are lazy to go to cosmetic store, you can visit Stroberi ^^.

No Brand Foundation Brush

I bought this brush from the same store where I purchased the fan brush above. It's really cheap, only Rp6.000,-. This brush is not too good but not too bad also. The good thing about it is the bristles are strong and good. It's also still good after several times washed. The bad thing about it is the layer of synthetic bristles is too thin. It should be thicker IMO because when it is wet of foundation, the bristles begin to seperate into sections. It makes lines on foundation applied and needs more time to evenout.  I think I shoud buy another foundation brush for more time efficiency and practicality issue XD.

Well, that's all my review of those brushes.
I still have other cheap brushes to review.
So, stay tuned! ^^

Bless Oil Control Light Moisturizer

Hi ^^
Holiday is getting closer and brings happiness..
Well, I'm actually not that happy because evethough in holiday, I still have to do holiday assignments
Not so free =.="
In celebrating the holiday, I am having more spare time than usual.
That's why I'd like to be as productive as I can to keep this blog updated with reviews.
Now on, I'll share my review about Bless Oil Control Light Moisturizer

I bought this moisturiser when I was searching of face primer in Pasar Baru. I need face primer to make my makeup stay longer on my oily face. Surprisingly, when I came from one cosmetic store to another, none of the BA or seller knew what face primer is. They got confused anytime I asked them "do you sell any face primer/ makeup base" question. They responded me that actually what I needed was face moisturiser. I said, "No. Face primer is different with moisturiser. It makes makeup last longer". Hearing my respond, they still tried to convince me that it is moisturizer. OK, finally I asked them whati the best inexpensive face moisturizer for oily skin is. They recommended me to buy this Bless Oil Control Light Moisturizer but there was none in their store =.=". Alright, I searched for the entire stores there and finally there was ONE store only that sold this. Thank God! ^^

This moisturizer is produced by Bless, one of local cosmetic and skincare brand in Indonesia. From Googling, I found that this brand was created by a dermatologist and firstly sold as "clinic skincare". That seems to be "surety" to me for trying this moisturizer. Through Googling, I also found many people recommend this for those whose skin is oily. It is a must for me since I feel that my skin is the oilest in the world T.T.

The packaging is quite simple and not too bulky. It's travel-friendly actually. This moisturizer contains Laminaria saccharina extract, UV filter, Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E. Laminaria saccharina extract helps to reduce oil while UV filter protects skin from UV. Pro Vitamin B5 is needed for soothing skin and Vitamin E is the antioxidant. Let's take a peek at the moisturizer!

It is a gel fluid moisturizer. This kind of moisturizer is really suitable for oily skin because gel fluid moisturizer is usually water-based. See? In seconds, the gel turns into water-like moisturizer. You need to apply only a small amount for your whole face. The texture is very light and non-sticky. It is quick absorbed and really reduces oil on face. Great! ^^

I used not to apply moisturizer before having BB Cream or foundation because my skin is really oily even without any moisturizer and my makeup couldn't last long. But now I apply this moisturizer before having the makeup and it makes my makeup stay 4-5 hours longer just like wearing face primer. Isn't that great? I only need to blot my T-zone (not all over the face again ^^) every once in 6 hours (indoor) or 4 hours (sunny outdoor). It also makes skin lighter. Super great! \(^o^)/


  • inexpensive, Rp40.000,- for 30gr
  • excellent oil control (5 Stars ^^)
  • water-based
  • light texture
  • non-sticky formula
  • quick absorb
  • makes makeup stay longer
  • non-comedonic formula
  • doesn't cause acnes
  • travel-friendly packaging
  • soothing skin
  • efficient-use (a small amout for the whole face ^^)
  • UV filter
  • enlighting effect


  • hard to find


  • use only a small amout and dab until it turns into watery-like texture.Then evenout onto entire skin. If you don't do so, you may need more to apply.
  • set moisturizer with loose powder to make the staying power better

Absolutely! It's my HG moisturizer for now (and maybe forever hahaha..)
It's very recommended! ^^
I would like to try others oil-control skincare from Bless cosmetics such as Oil Control Light Cleanser and Oil Control Light Freshener. Hope they'll work best too ^^

Happy holiday, guys ^^


Silkygirl Blockbuster Color Palette in 02 Simply Pastel and 05 Smokey Charm

Again and again I will review Silkygirl products
They are Silkygirl Blockbuster Color Palettes in 02 Simply Pastel and 05 Smokey Charm
Here we go! XD

Silkygirl Blockbuster Color Palettes

The casing's cover is made from clear plastic so that you can see the colors
It's simple and travel-friendly ^^

After the cover is opened, you see the beautiful colors in pan
Each palette contains 4 colors that complete the look of your eyes ^^

You'll get also a two-headed sponge applicator from the palette.
It's too small IMO, so I never use it.
I prefer to use my brushes ^0^

Silkygirl Blockbuster Color Palettes in 02 Simply Pastel

From the name, you can directly guess that the colors will be pastel
Yes, the pastel colors are soft and cute for daily use
You can see that there are four colors in Simply Pastel palette.
The colors are shimmery light gray, matte baby blue, matte baby purple and matte baby pink.
From the back side of the casing, Silkygirl provides direction how to use it.
Light gray is applied on browbone.
Baby blue is for eyelid.
Baby purple is for outer corner of eyes.
Baby pink is applied on upper and lower lashline
But the direction is optional.
You can use your own way to get the look you want ^^

Here are the swatches

From left to right: Baby blue, baby pink, baby purple and light gray
Left pict: without flash
Right pict: with flash

Silkygirl Blockbuster Color Palettes in 05 Smokey Charm

Smokey charm palette is dedicated to create glam smokey eyes.
It's perfect for night out.
It has also 4 colors.
The colors are shimmery pale yellow, matte dark pink, matte dark gray and matte purplish navy blue.
As Silkygirl said through the direction given, the pale yellow is for browbone (as highlighter)
Dark pink is for eyelid.
Dark gray is for outer corner and
Purplish navy is for upper and lower lashline.
But again, it's optional to use.
Be creative, guys ^^

Here are the swatches

From left to right: pale yellow, purplish navy blue, dark gray and dark pink.
Left pict: without flash
Right pict: with flash

Overall, the quality of this palette is excellent ^^
The colors are super pigmented, moreover using eye primer.
I love this palette ^^

  • inexpnsive, only Rp60.000,- and you'll get 4 beautiful colors
  • easy to find in Matahari Department Store
  • super pigmented ^^
  • easy to use
  • easy to blend
  • easy to remove
  • travel-friendly

  • staying power is so so (4 hours without primer)
  • limited variant colors (only 6 variants available)
  • the applicator is too small
  • no mirror

  • use primer for more staying power and vibrant color
  • apply with wet sponge to get more intensity
  • don't put it on the bottom of pouch, palettes are fragile and easy to break

Yes, another color may be... I want to purchase the 01 Bare Classics and 04 Urban Mood..
They are all gorgeous too ^^

See you ^^


Silkygirl Shimmer Duo Blusher in 01 Cheeky Peach

I'm back again..
Feeling so productive nowadays because it's closer to holiday >.<
I have spare time with me and you know, I've been dreaming about enjoying holiday because assignments make me busy T.T
Anyway, now I would like to review my Silkygirl Shimmer Duo Blusher in 01 Cheeky Peach
It has been so long since I bought it 4 months ago and I have no time to review
Now, It's the chance to review ^^
Alright, this is the Silkygirl Shimmer Duo Blusher in 01 Cheeky Peach

See? The packaging is quite nice and simple. 
It's made of clear plastic so you can see the beautiful color of the blush. 
The little blush brush is also included.

The casing has 2 storages (whatever it's called >.<)
The first storage is for the blush.
Under the blush, there's another storage for the brush.
Cute ^^

The brush is very compact (It must be >.<)
and it's soft ^^
But I prefer using bigger brush because it results better

Look at the blush...
It has two colors
The left color is baby pink shimmer used to add glow on your apple of cheek
The right color is the peachy pink matte color used to contour and add pigment to your cheek
Here are the swatches

From left to right: the shimmer, the matte blush and mixed!

As you can see, the shimmer color is sheer and contains fine shimmer to give glowy look.
The peachy pink matte color looks beautifully pinky on cheek..
After those all are mixed, you'll get dolly pinky cheek which is so cute! ^^

The blush color is not as pigmented as the Silkygirl blush hour.
It's sheer but buildable.
It's suitable to get natural pinkish cheek that's perfect for daily use ^^

  • inexpensive, only Rp60.000,-
  • easy to find in Matahari Department Store
  • good brush
  • sweet colors available
  • the shimmer is fine
  • cute for natural daily cheek
  • the staying power is so so (lasts about 3-4 hours on my cheek)
  • no mirror 
  • limited colors available (only 4 variant colors)
Yes! It's the only one I can wear to go to campus because it results natural pinky cheek... I love it! ^^
Can't wait to purchase other colors such as 04 Sunny Glow and 03 Rose Petal >.<

Happy holiday, guys! ^^

New Banner ^^

Hi all..
I'm back again with a new banner ^^
If you read my blog before, you'll know that I use kitty pict as my banner because I am Unie Kitty ^^
Kitty  is cute to put here but I consider about my blog.
It's beauty blog but why there's any kitty XD
Ok, I've made a little update to my blog by changing the banner that reflects my blog as a beauty blog at least.
I took the images from my Stardoll (I still play Stardoll in this 20 years old XD)
She is Cutepitha, my avastar ^^
I edited the banner using Meitu Xiu Xiu and Photoscape.
I cannot do it using Photoshop because I don't understand at all >.<
Well, this is the change ^^

My old banner


My new banner

Is it better? I think yes! >.<

See you! ^^

Maybelline Watershine Pure Lipcolors in C21 and P12

A new post is made again... ^^
It's spare time and I'm not going anywhere on Saturday night T.T
So, I decide to post more reviews on beauty products I use..
Now, I'm going to review Maybelline Watershine Pure Lipcolors in C21 and P12
I think this will be my first post about Maybelline.
As you all know, Maybelline is a drugstore cosmetic that is easy to find and inexpensive but with good quality.
It's on my budget actually.. hahahahha XD
This watershine lipcolors I bought 3 months ago.
I was attracted by the name "Watershine"
I thought the texture would be light and glossy also reflects the water sensation on lips ^^
Well, these are the lipcolors...

There's an info of product and the sample color
But don't really trust the sample color
You need to swatch on hand or try it on lips
Unless you'll choose the wrong color 

The packaging is really simple.
It's silver rectagular stick with "Maybelline" written on it.

Maybelline Watershine Pure Lipcolors in C21

If you see it for real, it's gonna be much lighter than in the photo.
The color is really different when I wear on lips.
It creates light cherry pink on lips.
I usually wear it with once or two swipe to reach the cuteness
If more than that, It will be my mom's lipcolor (light pink color for aunty XD)

Maybelline Watershine Pure Lipcolors in P12

Again, the color of stick is different when it's on lips
The stick looks like tea rose color
But when it's applied on lips,
it will be light baby pink
I love the color, it's cute! ^^

Here are the swatches:

From left to right: C21and P12

The texture is light and soft but not too creamy.
As you can see from the swatches, the coverage is sheer but buildable.
Because the coverage is sheer, it cannot really cover my cracked lips.
My lips are dry and I have to always wear lipbalm to minimize it.
The lipcolor also contains fine shimmer actually to create glossy look.
When it's on lips, my lips look like wearing lip gloss.
The wet finish of water sensation creates juicy lips... cute XD

  • inexpensive, around Rp40.000,- above (I forgot the exact price >.<)
  • easy to find
  • glossy and juicy look
  • cute color range
  • soft texture

  • the staying power is so so (lasts for 3 hours on my lips)
  • cannot cover my cracked lips
  • use lip balm before wearing it
  • swipe more to get more coverage

Yes, but different color such as peach, orange or brownish color (is there any? hhhaaha I don't know)

Silkygirl Moisture Rich Lip Color

Hi all..
It's been so long since my latest post..
I've been so busy with my assigments from campus that always make feel that my life is devoted to college life =.="
Well, anyway.. this time I would like to review about Silkygirl Moisture Rich Lip Color
Maybe some of you ask me why my post is mostly about Silkygirl.
Ok, I have to confess that this brand is my favorite so far.
I like makeup but I have no buget to buy the expensive and exclusive ones since I am still a student and I rarely wear lots of makeup on face everyday.
Silkygirl products are really inexpensive and dedicated to teens like me ..hahahhaha... XD
Eventhough they are inexpensive but the quality is great for drugstore cosmetics..
I love it :D

Alright, these are Silkygirl Moisture Rich Lip Color I have so far

I have 4 colors  for now..

The packaging is quite simple
It's round silver stick with "Silkygirl" on it

The colors I have are 02 Bubbly, 28 Sensual, 12 Naughty and 24 Pure
Actually I have also 20 Playful but I gave it to my mother cause the color is not suitable for me T.T
It suits my mother's lips ^^

Silkygirl moisture rich lip color in 02 Bubbly

It's dark rossy pink color..
Very warm color
I just need once swipe to reach natural color :D

Silkygirl moisture rich lip color in 28 Sensual

The stick color seems to be similar to the Bubbly
but It's not too dark on lips
It's more natural than Bubbly
It's nude and perfect for everyday lips ^^

Silkygirl moisture rich lip color in 12 Naughty

It's free from Silkygirl!
I got this because I joined Silkygirl photo contest on its Facebook fanpage.
Silkygirl is very generous to give me the goodies
As you can see..the color is pretty dark
just like blood
But it's pretty anyway
I wear it with once swipe to match my lips with my maroon outfits
It's wearable ^^

Silkygirl moisture rich lip color in 24 Pure

My most favorite color of all..^^
It's a peach nude color that goes with every look :D
I wear it most to go to campus
It creates cute peachy pink lips 
Me really likey :D

Alright, here are the swatches ^0^

From left to right: Pure, Bubbly, Naughty and Sensual

The texture of this lip color is very creamy.
It's also moistful, match with the name "Moisture Rich" because it contains aloe extract, vitamin A and E ^^

  •  inexpensive, only Rp30.000,-
  • easy to find in Matahari Department Store
  • moistful ^^
  • creamy texture that glids easily on lips and makes them well covered
  • pigmented ^^
  • easy to remove
  • the staying power is so so (it lasts about 3-4 hours on my lips)
  • the color range is all pink and some are red... I hope there's any orange or brownish color
  • not all colors are available, depends on the store (I always purchase Silkygirl in Blok M Plaza because the collection is almost complete ^^)
Yes, especially the 24 Pure! I want to purchase 01 Naked ^^