Free Cosmetics from Viva ^^

Hi everyone!
Long time no post..
I was so busy with mid term test and had no time to make any post..
But now, it's over!
Hahahahahahhaha XD

Alright, yesterday I got a parcel from Viva..
Yeah, it must be Viva free cosmetics I had been waiting! ^^
Let's see...

I tore the paper before I capture the image =.="

Oke, Let's see what's inside ^^

It's soo many! Viva is so generous ^^

I got ...

Viva eyeshadow ^^

It's duo eyeshadow in mini packaging
The cover is clear plastic so you can directly see the colors and the applicator
No mirror inside, lho...hehhehe

The colors are so natural
There are reddish dark brown color and pale light brown
Very natural for daily use ^^
The applicator has two side
Sponge applicator for picking up the pigments and applying it onto eyelid
Small brush applicator for blending the pigments

The colors are quite pigmented and shimmery ^^
I haven't try it yet on eyelid so I don't know how the staying power is
I am planning to give it to my mother since I have many similar colors of eyeshadow ^^

Next, I got Viva Lipstick ^^

It's a simple dark blue round lipstick packaging
How about the color???

Wow, it's red!
It contains glitter and smells sweet
I like the smell by the way ^^
The texture is soft and it easily glides onto lips (I tried it to skin XD)
Here is the swatch

Actually, I like the lipstick but the color is not for me
So, I decide to give it to my mother ^^
The staying power I don't know because I haven't wear it yet on lips

Next...is Viva loose powder ^^

A simple dark blue packaging with Viva logo 

Free sponge ^^

The shade is natural and suitable for my skintone
Hmm... I have 3 kinds of loose powder so this one is also for my mother ^^
I haven't try it yet so I don't know the oil control

What else???

Viva hand and body lotion ^^

I like the scent and It's quite moisturising ^^

I got also Viva Green tea moisturizer for oily skin ^^

I have tried it and it's suitable for my skin
It doesn't make my face oily
It's quick absorbed
Love it ^^ 

Next, I got Viva Eye and lip makeup remover ^^

It's tiny and the remover doesn't have layers
I don't have to shake before using it.. hahhaaha XD
I have tried to remove lipstick and eyeshadow
It's quite great! ^^
But I haven't try to remove any waterproof mascara and eyeliner
Must give a try soon ^^

The last but not least  is Viva catalogue ^^

I had just known that Viva has catalogue XD

The products are quite complete ^^
Even many of them I have never seen =.="

There is even makeup tutorial using Viva products
What an interesting catalogue! ^^

Thank you so much Viva cosmetics for giving me soo many free products 
Love Viva! XD

Would you like to get the freebies???
It's very simple to do!
All you have to do is to sign up as exclusive member here
Fill  in your data and confirm the membership through e-mail given to you..
and wait for the freebies to come..

Happy holiday guys ^^


Sariayu Beauty Class and Mini Haul

Aloha all..
How's life?
Hope you all are fine..
Me too...feeling good after attending a beauty class held by Sariayu Martha Tilaar ^^
This beauty class info I got from Sariayu Facebook Fan Page
The invitation is just like this..

See? The beauty class fee is inexpensive
Only Rp50.000,- and I got voucher, certificate, snack and beauty knowledge (the most important !)
The makeup artist is also excellent ^^
So, I decided to join and it's my first beauty class attended >.<

I went there and had registration plus coffee time before having the beauty class
This is the picture of the hall, where the makeup artist and instructor, Ms. Aziza, stood up

And here.. what I got on my table


Sariayu skincare sampels in Mawar

They are cleansing milk, toner, moisturiser and foundation in Kuning Langsat
The samples are cute and tiny but the skincare isn't dedicated for oily skin
It's for normal to dry skin type T.T

Then, there are also cottons and tissues
Sariayu Palette

The palette is from Exotic Indonesia Collection: The Colors of Asia
Here's inside the palette..

There are eyeshadows, blushes, 2 way cakes, lip colors from
Alunan Serunai, Petikan Sitar, Denting Kecapi and Dendang Rebana collections
plus sponge and applicators
Want it >.<
but it's for borrow only =.="
The BA said it's worthed Rp300.000,- above

Oh... I got this voucher

and this certificate 

with my name written incorrectly =.="

Poor me, I couldn't take any photo during the workshop and my makeup result since the camera's batteries were LOW!
How come T.T
But my makeup was pretty similar to this ^^

The video is taken from here 
(I love Michelle Phan   xixi ^^)

What I got from the beauty class???
  • Knowledge about Mrs. Martha Tilaar (the founder and her success story)
  • Knowledge about Martha Tilaar products (many products, from decorative makeup, skincare, haircare, beauty SPA and Jamu)
  • Knowing how to clean face correctly (so complicated, I can't remember all the steps =.=")
  • Knowing how to apply makeup correctly (again, I can't remember them all at once >.<)
  • Fun day and beutiful me ^^
  • Friendsssss >.<
  • and... mini haul !
This is the voucher I purchase for

Sariayu 25th Anniversary eye shadow palette
I've been wanting this since ages ago ...(over..wkwkkwkwk)
Let's see what's inside!

There are 25 colors from Sariayu collections of 1987 up to 2011
The colors are shimmery
There are also 2 applicators inside
Hope to review it soon ^^
It costs Rp170.000,- but using voucher, I just paid for Rp130.000,-

I also bought this...

Sariayu Intensive Acne Care
It used to be Mujijat Tolak Jerawat
I bought this since many good reviews I've seen
It costs Rp11.000,-
Will try it soon and post the review XD

After going back from the workshop, I went to Pasar Baru
Actually I wanted to buy Mirabella Crystal makeup base but there's none T.T
So, I bought this...

Bless oil control light moisturiser
It's so hard to find, even in Pasar Baru
Only one store sells it =.="
Hope it will be good for my oily skin, as good as its reviews ^^
I'll try to review it soon

Then, I bought an unbranded fan brush for Rp15.000,-
So smooth XD

and an unbranded foundation brush
It's pretty good for Rp6.000,-
hahahha XD

The last is Inez Pencil eyeliner in black

 It's good, waterproof and smudgeproof
I bought it for Rp23.000,-

So, this is my total haul for today 

Overall, I find myself happy today..
Hope to experience this again ^^


Mini Haul from Asemka

Hi all...
I'm back again to share my mini haul
I have just arrived home from Asemka and bought some stuffs I need nowadays
Actually, I was having no plan to go there this morning since I was scheduled to see a denstist with my friend..
but but but...my friend said that we're going to see the dentist next week..
zzzz.... =.="
I had already prepared myself, already put makeup on my face but it's cancelled!
Ok, I thought that I should not have to make my preparation useless
So, I decided to hang out with my friends..and they said they wanted to go to ASEMKA!
Not mall??? oke..
In the end, I feel happy with my haul from Asemka
Although mini, they are cheap and useful for me ^^
Alright, this is my Asemka haul

So mini  XD  Here they are...

4 in 1 Froggy lunchbox
Actually, I was searching for Kitty lunchbox there...but I found none T.T
So I bought this because of the color, green melon milk.. ^^
It contains of 4 boxes..

Cute >.<
It costs Rp18.000,-
If I bought 3, I'll get wholesale price Rp15.000,- each (min. 3 boxes)

Next is a set of cutlery...
Green and Froggy also >.<

Looks like a pencil case >.<
Let's see what's inside...

There are a stainless steel spoon, a fork and a pair of chopsticks
It costs me Rp18.000,-
Wholesale price is Rp15.000,- each (min 3 sets)

So here is my lunch set ^^

All green melon >.<
and I was also searching for the green melon mini bag to carry them out
but I found no green melon mini bag except the ones with Ben10 images!
It's a big no for me cause I'm not a little boy >.<
Then, I decided to buy this pinky flowery zippered mini bag 
Much better than having Ben10 =.="

It can fit Melon (my notebook) too >.<
It costs Rp8.000,-
Wholesale price is Rp5.000,- each (min. 3 bags)

I bought an Angry Bird binder

The bird doesn't look angry at all =.="
It costs Rp15.000,-
Wholesale price is Rp10.000,- each (min 3 binders)

Another stationary is an orange highlighter

This cute highlighter I bought for Rp6.000,-
So useful since I love reading my colorful note ^^

Next, I bought wooden flowery pins

A set contains 12 cute pins
It costs Rp10.000,-
The last haul from Asemka is a silver watch

Actually, I little dislike wearing a watch
My watch collection so far is only two =.="
but I thought I should buy this watch since it only costs Rp10.000,-
Hahahahha XD
The design is pretty and simple though

That's all my mini haul from Asemka..
Very cheap findings >.<
Oh.. I still have others
They were puchased yesterday..
Here are some cheap shoes

They are not bad for cheap prices XD
First, I bought a pair of black wedges

I bought this for attending flag ceremony in my campus
The design is simple
It's really comfortable because the heel is only 3cm
The price is very cheap, only Rp20.000,-
My friend has ever bought it somewhere for Rp40.000,-
hahahhahaha.... lucky me  XD

Next.... is a pair of sandals

A very simple brown sandals with bead ornaments
Rp10.000,- is a regular price for these sandals I think
I wear this just to go to nearby my boarding house
The last shoes...

A purple-gray gladiator sandals
I really like it...love the design and the color...
Love also the comfort and the price...
It's only Rp20.000,-
Really happy ^^

Alright, that's my haul..
Share yours ^^


Asemka Haul

How are you doing?
I hope you all are fine ^^
Me too, I'm really excited to post my haul XD
I've just got back from Asemka
Asemka is one of accessories and stationary trade center in Jakarta
The items are sold for wholesale, mostly sold for dozens
I just bought maximum 3 similar products to get the wholesale price
So, I'm feeling good of having cute but cheap stuffs XD
Alright, here is my haul...

What are they??

I purchased this Weston bottle because I need to bring it to campus...
I'm loving the color, really similar to Melon, my notebook ^^
Here's the picture when the bottle cap is opened...

It costs Rp23.000,-
So cheap while others may sell for Rp40.000,- above ^^

A must stationary to purchase
I need more pens since I have only one =.="
I've been using this Faster pen since in Junior High School and I feel good anytime using it to write...
I got this Rp24.000,- for 12 pens ^^

I also need this file bag to keep my documents
It costs Rp15.000,-

A pink basket to put dirty clothes
Got it for Rp8.000,-
Not bad because others sell it for Rp10.000,- XD

3 mini plastic drawers XD
I bought them to put my makeup collection
I got them for Rp28.000,- each because the minimum quantity for getting wholesale price is 3
If I only bought 1, I should pay for Rp35.000,-
Wasn't that a good deal? ^^

It's mini and kawaii
Love them >.<

A kitty plastic cup 
Love the kitty, kawaii >.<
I bought 3 cups and got them for Rp20.000,- each (wholesale price)
Buy only 1 will cost Rp25.000,-
It comes with a cute tea spoon

and put them together...

Kyaaaa...kawaii XD
Another kitty cup ^^

I love the design, super kawaii >.<
Love also the color which is baby lavender ^^
Here is the tea spoon...

Meet them together ^^

 and the last cup is...

Another kawaii cup, a bear cup!
The color is baby lavender also
At first, I'd like to find panda or polar bear cup but there's none
I chose this bear finally because it's cute
I'm thinking to give it to BF ^^
Here's the tea spoon....

 Put the spoon into the cup...

Cuutee... >.<

That's all my Asemka haul
Full of kawaii stuffs
I personally can't wait to get back there ^^
So, what's your haul? Share it! XD