Silkygirl Double Intense Gel Liner in Dark Brown

Hi all…

This time, I’d like to review about Silkygirl Double Intense Gel Liner in Dark Brown. Silkygirl, again??? Yup! I really like Silkygirl because the products are inexpensive and good in quality. I think most of my cosmetics are from Silkygirl. You can check Silkygirl cosmetics here.

Alright, back again to the gel liner. There are two colors available, 01 Pure Black and 02 Dark Brown. I have the dark brown because I haven’t been getting the black one. Nowadays, it’s hard to find. As a new product launched, the black liner is always sold out! Here is the gel liner.

Silkygirl claims that the gel liner:
  • easy and precise to apply
  • waterproof , long lasting and fragrance free
  • intense color and dramatic final result using Silicone Polymer Technology formula
My comment:
This gel liner is awesome! It’s easy to apply and long lasting. I’ve ever proved that it didn’t smudge for about 6 hours above eventhough I used it when I was outdoor. Water also can’t smudge it out because it’s waterproof. Moreover, it dries quickly on eyelids. So, don’t worry if you are in a rush then you have to curl your lashes, it won’t stick on your lash curler. The color is intense. It’s appropriate for creating natural or dramatic look. Look at the swatches! 

without flash

with flash
(oppss...sorry for the blur images)

The packaging is cute! It’s slim and tiny.

It’s also unique. The packaging consists of 3 components.

(From left to right: gel liner tube, eyeliner brush, connector cap)

You don’t have to worry about losing the brush, because it is attached to the casing! Silkygirl called it as “smart packaging”. The brush is also good to use because it’s small and fine pointed. It’s good to use by even the beginner, very easy!

  • easy to apply
  • waterproof and long lasting
  • intense color
  • smart packaging
  • inexpensive (only Rp45.000,00 for 2,3 gr)
  • nowadays, hard to find
  • limited color available (I wish more colors of this gel liner) 
Repurchase? Of course, especially the black one!


Silkygirl Funky Eyelight Pencils

Good news for eyeliner lovers like me, now you can add more eyeliner collections without spending big budget. Here, I'd like to introduce you to Silkygirl Funky Eyelight Pencil.


Silkygirl funky eyelight pencil is pencil eyeliner in various nice colors. Silkygirl actually has been producing ten colors, but there only five of them are available in Indonesia. They are Sky Blue, Pure Purple, Candy Pink, Metallic Bronze and Frosty Silver. I have those five colors and I like them! Here are the swatches.

without flash

with flash

(from left to right :  Pure Purple, Candy Pink, Sky Blue, Metallic Bronze, Frosty Silver)

 Aside can be used as eyeliner, it can also be applied as eyeshadow. The texture is very soft and creamy. It glides smoothly and easily on my eyelids. It is also waterproof and long lasting. I’ve ever applied it in 7 p.m and found that it’s still on my eyelids on the day after!
  • inexpensive (only RP35.000,00 for 1,2 gr)
  • multifunction (eyeliner and eyeshadow in one)
  • easy to apply
  • nice colors
  • waterproof and long lasting
  • hard to find all colors (not all store sell the complete collections)
  • need to be sharpened (makes the pencil short quickly)
Repurchase? I will! Can’t wait to have other colors.

Silkygirl Magic BB Cream in Natural

Hi all...
I'd like to review a bit about BB cream I currently use. It's Silkygirl Magic BB Cream.

Actually there are 2 shades provided, 01 Natural and 02 Radiant. I use the 01 natural shade because another shade is for pink undertone which is not suitable for me.

Silkygirl claims that this BB cream :
  • spreads and blends easily on skin
  • eliminates dullness on skin because it contains brightening powder
  • moisturizes highly with Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E
  • contains SPF 25/PA + + that will protect skin from UV A and UV B
  • is oil free, fragrance free and non-comedogenic
My comment:
When I apply this BB cream onto my skin, I feel that it blends nicely and brightens my skin gradually. Eventhough the coverage is sheer, I think it's suitable for my daily use. The SPF is good enough to protect my skin outdoor. It doesn't oxidize so that it doesn't make my skin looks darker. The most loveable point from this BB cream is its oil control! I often use it for about 8 hours and I just need to blot my face twice. I am amazed since my skin is very oily. Really nice! Here are the swatches.

The texture is liquid and easy to blend.

After blending onto skin.

The final look will be matte. If you expect dewy look, this BB cream might not be the right choice for you.

  • inexpensive for BB cream 25ml (only RP55.000,00)
  • easy to find (available in Matahari Department store)
  • blends easily on skin
  • brightens skin
  • excellent oil control and long lasting
  • protects skin and not oxidize
  • slim packaging 
  • sheer coverage can't cover all blemishes
  • matte final look (I wish it would be dewy)
Repurchase? Of course miaw!

Meitu Xiu Xiu

Hi everyone….
Nowadays, I really love to edit photos. But, if I had to use Photoshop, it’s gonna kill me slowly. Do it with PhotoScape?  I’ve been so many times using it and I’m getting bored. I need something new! I need new software whose features are good and rich, and the most important point, easy to use. Those points I searched for eventually took me to use Meitu Xiu Xiu.

What is Meitu Xiu Xiu?
Meitu Xiu Xiu is software used for editing photos or pictures. It’s created in China and using Chinese language! But don’t worry about that, eventhough I don’t understand the language, I am amazed that it’s easy to use. Somehow, it reminds me of PhotoScape.

Editing photos using Meitu Xiu Xiu is as easy as using PhotoScape. There are various features you will like, such as photo effects (as cool as Photoshop!), frames, accessories (cute animated and inanimated  ribbons, for example) and many more. You can do make up or scrapbooking with this software. You can also produce photos or image in GIF format. Here is example of edited photos I made. I’m sorry if it looks unnatural and a bit creepy. I believe you can do better than me.


Where to find?
Surprisingly, Meitu Xiu Xiu is easy to find. Just connect to internet connection and search for “Meitu Xiu Xiu free download”. There will be many sites you can choose. I got it from here. Don’t worry about the file’s size. It’s only 11,3 MB!

Happy editing miaw!