Bless Oil Control Light Moisturizer

Hi ^^
Holiday is getting closer and brings happiness..
Well, I'm actually not that happy because evethough in holiday, I still have to do holiday assignments
Not so free =.="
In celebrating the holiday, I am having more spare time than usual.
That's why I'd like to be as productive as I can to keep this blog updated with reviews.
Now on, I'll share my review about Bless Oil Control Light Moisturizer

I bought this moisturiser when I was searching of face primer in Pasar Baru. I need face primer to make my makeup stay longer on my oily face. Surprisingly, when I came from one cosmetic store to another, none of the BA or seller knew what face primer is. They got confused anytime I asked them "do you sell any face primer/ makeup base" question. They responded me that actually what I needed was face moisturiser. I said, "No. Face primer is different with moisturiser. It makes makeup last longer". Hearing my respond, they still tried to convince me that it is moisturizer. OK, finally I asked them whati the best inexpensive face moisturizer for oily skin is. They recommended me to buy this Bless Oil Control Light Moisturizer but there was none in their store =.=". Alright, I searched for the entire stores there and finally there was ONE store only that sold this. Thank God! ^^

This moisturizer is produced by Bless, one of local cosmetic and skincare brand in Indonesia. From Googling, I found that this brand was created by a dermatologist and firstly sold as "clinic skincare". That seems to be "surety" to me for trying this moisturizer. Through Googling, I also found many people recommend this for those whose skin is oily. It is a must for me since I feel that my skin is the oilest in the world T.T.

The packaging is quite simple and not too bulky. It's travel-friendly actually. This moisturizer contains Laminaria saccharina extract, UV filter, Pro Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E. Laminaria saccharina extract helps to reduce oil while UV filter protects skin from UV. Pro Vitamin B5 is needed for soothing skin and Vitamin E is the antioxidant. Let's take a peek at the moisturizer!

It is a gel fluid moisturizer. This kind of moisturizer is really suitable for oily skin because gel fluid moisturizer is usually water-based. See? In seconds, the gel turns into water-like moisturizer. You need to apply only a small amount for your whole face. The texture is very light and non-sticky. It is quick absorbed and really reduces oil on face. Great! ^^

I used not to apply moisturizer before having BB Cream or foundation because my skin is really oily even without any moisturizer and my makeup couldn't last long. But now I apply this moisturizer before having the makeup and it makes my makeup stay 4-5 hours longer just like wearing face primer. Isn't that great? I only need to blot my T-zone (not all over the face again ^^) every once in 6 hours (indoor) or 4 hours (sunny outdoor). It also makes skin lighter. Super great! \(^o^)/


  • inexpensive, Rp40.000,- for 30gr
  • excellent oil control (5 Stars ^^)
  • water-based
  • light texture
  • non-sticky formula
  • quick absorb
  • makes makeup stay longer
  • non-comedonic formula
  • doesn't cause acnes
  • travel-friendly packaging
  • soothing skin
  • efficient-use (a small amout for the whole face ^^)
  • UV filter
  • enlighting effect


  • hard to find


  • use only a small amout and dab until it turns into watery-like texture.Then evenout onto entire skin. If you don't do so, you may need more to apply.
  • set moisturizer with loose powder to make the staying power better

Absolutely! It's my HG moisturizer for now (and maybe forever hahaha..)
It's very recommended! ^^
I would like to try others oil-control skincare from Bless cosmetics such as Oil Control Light Cleanser and Oil Control Light Freshener. Hope they'll work best too ^^

Happy holiday, guys ^^

4 komentar:

  1. Hemm, terdengar menggiurkan bangett.. Great review!


    1. iya..bagus pakai ini buat yang punya oily skin
      makeup jadi lebih awet dan muka jd less oily
      dan kalau pakai sebelum tidur, muka jadi ga berminyak saat bangun ^^

  2. beli dmana ya? drugstore gt ada gak ya?
    thank udah review ya <3


  3. hi Gita..
    bisa beli online atau di drugstore sperti Guardian dan Century juga ada ...
    trims sudah berkunjung ^^